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Marketing data about your brand does not mean much without any context. You need to compare your scores to competitors to really understand your strengths and weaknesses, and formulate action points that will lead to growth.


The Food Tracker survey and the analysis of online reviews include more than 50 brands, providing you with excellent benchmarks that you can learn from. You can compare your scores to particular competitors, the industry average, and the average of a set of competitors that are hand-picked by you. You will know exactly where you stand within the competitive context that is most relevant to you.


Apart from knowing your performance relative to your competition at any point in time, you want to know how your brand is developing over time. Our survey of 3,000 respondents per months is extremely robust and shows reliable trends. You will be able to see your progress month-by-month in an online dashboard. Data of the month that is just ended will be released within one week, making sure you are always up-to-date on what is happening in the industry.


When you launch a large campaign with a considerable media investment, you may want to monitor its effectiveness in real-time, so you can take immediate action to optimize the campaign if needed. It is much better to improve the effectiveness while you still can, than to evaluate the effectiveness after the campaign has ended.

Weekly campaign reports

Food Tracker can deliver you weekly updates on your brand metrics and evaluation of your advertisements. We can analyze the impact of the campaign and identify weaknesses in the creative execution and media planning that sometimes can be fixed on-the-go, helping you to spend you campaign budget more effectively. You may find that the branding needs to be clearer or that you want to book more or less media exposure than you originally planned for. We help you to make those decision based on hard data.


Take the Santa Fe TV commercial in June that we evaluated. Of all respondents that recognize the ad from a set of images, 46% claimed that it was an ad for Sizzler and only 14% correctly claimed it was for Santa Fe. If Santa Fe would have known this in time, they could have paused the campaign and fix the branding issue before continuing. This could have had a massive impact on the effectiveness of their campaign.

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